Questions and answers

Where are you located?


I’m based in Lyon, France, but I’ve always had many homes in France, in England or even Belgium…
It will be easier to meet if you’re near Lyon as well, but luckily, there are many ways to get to know each other nowadays even if you’re far away!

How long have you been a photographer?


As many photographers, I’ve always loved photography.

I started getting into it more seriously, as a real passion, when I was around 16. I started photography whilst traveling, trying to document everything and discovered portraits right after. After experimenting with those two sides of photography, I found a way to make them work together with wedding photography.

I officially started my business on the 1st of january 2017.

How many weddings have you shot?


I’ll have to admit I don’t keep count of all my weddings but I must. Be close to a hundred as I shoot 15 to 25 weddings a year, with some civil weddings as well.

Can you go anywhere for our wedding?


I love discovering new places. I‘ve always loved travelling and finding new spots in France or abroad.

I totally enjoy going to different parts of France or different countries as it gives me new inspirations and keep my eyes alert to landscapes and wonders of our planet.

How do you work?


My priority is to be so discreet you and your guests will see me as little as possible so that you can all enjoy the day without feeling observed. This way I‘ll be able to capture real and natural moments and emotions.

To achieve that, we’ll have to build a strong relationship of trust, that sometimes even turns into friendship and will allow you to feel perfectly confident with me.

Before the wedding, I enjoy taking the time to learn about you and your story, your hobbies, your family history, your hopes… It is definitely part of my process and I spend probably as much time with you before the big day as I will spend for you, after the wedding, on your images, your photo gallery and your wedding album.

How long before we receive our images?


The longest you could have to wait for would be 8 weeks, but I always do my best to send you all your images within 4 weeks following the wedding. It might be a little harder at the end of the season though!

Are all the images edited?


Yes! I only send you the images I‘ll have culled and edited. I don’t edit images the way a fashion photographer would, but every image will be post processed in order to enhance the colors, the lighting and the crop if necessary.

I like the full gallery to feel coherent and have a certain softness that will put first the emotions of every image rather than the bright pink dress of your favorite cousin!

How do we get our images?


As soon as they are ready, I’ll send y ou a link to your private online gallery from which you’ll be able to select the images you wish to share with your guests and the ones you want to keep private.

And… You might also get a little surprise in your letterbox a few weeks later!

Do you also propose wedding albums?


Yes I do! Even though we’re so used to keeping digital files on our computers, smartphones and others, I still believe that a beautiful book will be a much better way to keep the memories of that day. I will design it for you and we’ll review it together before the final order so it can really tell the story of your wedding as you remember it too.

As well as wedding albums, you and your guests will have the possilibilty to order prints and frames of your favorite imagoes directly from the online gallery.

How do we book you for our wedding?


It’s pretty easy. First step is to get in touch with me using the contact page on this website.

We’ll then plan a first meeting (which can be a phone call or a visio) to talk about your wedding and my work, and once you know which package you want, I’ll book your date by sending you the contract and a 30% payment will definitively confirm your booking.




Even though some questions might be the same for everyone, there’s nothing more important than getting a chance to talk with you in order to understand your expectations and wishes.